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Daily Dog Walk

Available Monday-Friday  9am-5pm


During each daily dog walk we will walk/run with your dog according to his/her needs, shower your dog with love & affection, refresh water, dry your dog off on rainy/snowy days, check your dog for ticks and leave your dog feeling happy and tired.


Rates: 20 minutes for $25 or 30 Minutes for $30


Pet Sitting

Available 7 Days a Week

Drop-By Visits (3x/day): For those of you who don't need someone to stay overnight with your pet we will check in on your pet 3x a day to provide exercise, bathroom breaks and companionship. Each day will consist of roughly three 20 minute visits. Throughout each day we will refresh food and water, clean any messes that may have occured, administer oral medications and perform any additional needs your pet may have. 

Rate: $75/day

If you wish to add an additional 20 minute visit you can for an additional $20 or change any 20 minute visit to a 30 minute visit for an additional $5/visit.

For one or two visits per day:

Rates: 20 minutes for $25 or 30 minutes for $30


Limited Availability

Someone stays in YOUR home (generally from 7/8pm til 6/7am). This includes an additional visit in the middle of the day.

Rate: $100/night


Small Animal Care

This is for your small, caged animals which includes anything from frogs to rabbits. We will check in on your pet, refresh food as well as water and provide you with an update on how the visit went. Each visit is roughly 15-20 minutes.


Rates: $25/visit or $5/visit if added on to another service


Poultry Care

This is for your chicken and ducks. We will visit twice a day; once at dawn and again at dusk to open and close the coops. While there we will change out their water and add food as needed. Eggs will also be collected if they are laying. Each visit is roughly 15-20 minutes.

Rate: $25/visit or $5/visit if added onto another service.


Equine Services

Available Monday-Friday 9am-5pm


Our Equine services including grooming your horse, feeding, mucking stalls, turning out, and providing exercise through riding.


Contact us for rates

NOTE: We will not service aggressive animals

We are closed on the following holidays: New Years Eve/Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

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